There is an alternative to litigation

alternative to litigation Taking a spouse to divorce court often results in spiraling costs which consume large portions of the marital estate. Now couples can choose to resolve their disputes through mediation and achieve an equitable outcome that fairly allocates resources and responsibilities. Research shows that, compared with adversarial divorces, mediating couples are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome, likely to spend less time and money on their divorce, and less likely to need to return to court later. Couples who mediate their divorce save both financial and emotional costs of a litigated divorce.

“Research shows that children [of divorcing couples] do best when parents can cooperate on behalf of the child.”
- American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Most important, by enabling couples to maintain a working relationship, mediation helps children overcome vulnerability to emotional distress that is inherent when their parents divorce.

The legal system values mediation as an alternative to litigation so much that California law protects communication made in mediation. For example, if either party makes a concession in mediation but later the couple chooses to litigate, that concession is not admissible in court. Thus, mediating parties are able to explore alternatives freely without the fear that any of their communications could be used against them should they need to litigate their divorce.

DMG provides mediation services that will enable you to resolve all the issues surrounding your divorce - quickly, privately, economically.

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