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Client ServicesDivorce Mediation Group provides complete divorce mediation services for couples interested in resolving their marriage in a collaborative way through mediation.

The mediators’ role is to help the clients explore options and obtain information in a positive communication climate. The mediators provide the couple with accurate information and help them understand each other’s needs and concerns. Having a mediator who is licensed both as a CPA and an attorney along with a facilitator skilled in both communication and psychology helps ensure that couples will make their decisions aware of the requirements of the law, with a clear understanding of their financial picture, and in a collaborative and respectful communication climate. Couples then can reach agreements that take into account both their own welfare and the wellbeing of any minor children they may have

The issues to be negotiated usually include: identification of separate property, division of community property, division of community debts, spousal support, child support, and parenting plans. The mediators help raise delicate issues such as spousal support as defined by a couple’s legal rights and obligations to each other. In this way, even the most contentious of issues can be addressed in an arena of neutrality and fairness.

The mediators do not make the decisions; the clients make all the decisions. The mediators will help the clients deal with any difficult moments that are a normal part of the mediation process.

Court paperwork handled by DMG includes preparation and filing of the petition, service of the petition in the privacy of our office, serving on each client the other’s disclosures of assets and debts and income and expenses, filing any status conference extension requests, and the final paperwork that includes the Marital Settlement Agreement and the Judgment.

A Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) will be prepared after the couple has agreed on all the issues attendant to their divorce. This “MSA” will be attached to the final paperwork submitted to the Court and returned to clients as the Judgment of the Court. As such, it is legally binding on both parties and enforceable by each.

Legal Separation vs. Divorce. Some couples, perhaps for religious or tax purposes, choose legal separation instead of divorce. The issues to be negotiated in legal separation are usually the same as in divorce. DMG is experienced in helping couples mediate their legal separation if that is the option the couple chooses.

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