Team Mediation

DMG mediation teams include an attorney/CPA paired with a communication professional, providing a more effective and efficient approach to divorce.

DMG mediation teams consist of one man and one woman, thus assuring gender balance. Often, conflict is exacerbated because of gender styles of communication or presumed gender bias by a prospective client. As neutral professionals, we facilitate a collaborative process that ensures an atmosphere of fairness and mutual respect throughout the mediation. Neither party need feel that he or she is outnumbered by the opposite sex.

Richard Zimmerman is licensed as an attorney and a CPA and thus can clarify the parties’ legal rights and obligations to each other. He gives legal and financial information necessary for informed decision-making. He helps couples brainstorm options that can take into account both legal and financial concerns, clarifying tax considerations as relevant.

Miriam Zimmerman has a doctorate in counseling psychology and has been a professor of communication at Bay Area universities for over 25 years. Her extensive experience in conflict and anger management and interpersonal communication helps couples express their perspectives in a non-combative manner. Since the emotionality of divorce, akin to the trauma of experiencing the loss of a family member, can spill into the mediation (or Court) room, Miriam coaches couples in how to listen to each other and express their needs while maintaining boundaries.

By working as a team, Richard and Miriam facilitate a business-like atmosphere even during those moments when emotionality threatens the process. Effective communication helps couples regroup and move forward. Achieving financial and legal clarity helps reduce anxiety and enables couples to move forward in problem-solving and decision-making. Mediating couples can maintain a working relationship - now and in the future.

Client-Managed Outcomes
  • Clients are enabled to mediate financial and parenting issues in complete confidence.
  • Clients make informed decisions at their own pace.
  • Clients control the outcome of the divorce without the uncertainties of litigation.
Equitable Solutions
  • Avoid solutions arbitrarily imposed by court order
  • Discover equitable solutions
  • Reach decisions by mutual consent

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