Our Mission

Divorce Mediation Group offers gender-balanced team mediation to help divorcing couples resolve all issues attendant to divorce with dignity, fairness, confidentiality and trust.

For a Civil Divorce…

…to honor the love that brought you together
…to honor the truth that your marriage cannot continue
…to honor the transition from one path to two

Our Vision

Divorce Mediation Group pledges to help couples maintain a working relationship that encourages respect and dignity throughout the divorce resolution process. We accompany couples on their journey to divorce from start to completion. We manage the paperwork from filing the divorce petition to disclosure and division of assets and liabilities, helping couples determine spousal support and, if they have minor children, child support and a parenting plan, all the elements of the Marital Settlement Agreement. Thus, our clients need not appear in court.

We help couples by providing them with information that empowers them to make their own decisions on all divorce issues. We clarify their rights and obligations to each other, help them define ways they can maximize their resources, and brainstorm solutions.

By helping couples maintain a positive communication climate in a business-like atmosphere, couples are able to make informed and fair decisions so they can resolve their issues in a manner that works best for them and for their families.

Divorce Mediation Group
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